A Wise Business Person considers any business model change Very Carefully.

You MUST listen to the Marketplace and what your Customers are telling you.
You must look for Trends and stay ahead of those trends.

The next few videos on this page  will make you take notice,
beginning with this first one...

Have you considered this in your marketing?

If you own a Pizza shop are you in the business of selling Pizza or are you really in the business of Satisfying a Pizza Craving?

Time to "Bring Back the Magic" in Retail

We help businesses
innovate and grow.

There is no longer any question, Location Based Marketing is the hottest trend going.

With customers realizing they can now control not only What they see, but When and Where they see it, if you are stuck in the traditional advertising outlets your competition just may be passing you by.

So How do you do it?

Touchless, Proximity Marketing.

  • Join the 21st Century
  • Market to the customer ON THEIR TERMS
  • WHEN and WHERE They want
  • If you don't give them control they WILL find a way to block you.

For instance, How do you present information on your wesite?
Here are two shots, same scene.

The first one is fairly typical. Nice looking but nothing really special.

NOW, click on the one just below and see what happens. 

Note the Pause and Sound buttons in the lower right.
Use your mouse to drag and move around.
Your mouse wheel will move in or out to eliminate the 'fish eye' effect.

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