Your prospects and Customers are Already looking to Engage.

Will that be with YOU or your Competitor?

Isn't it time you joined the 21st Century?

What is a GeoFence?

What does the Future of GeoTargeting look like?

Is it just a Fad or is it for Real?

Customers get alerted to Deals that are Close.

They control what they see. In fact, we give them more control than any system out there, which explains our popularity.

  • Choose by Category.
  • Choose by Area.
  • Turn the Do Not Disturb ON or OFF.
  • The system runs in a "Battery Safe" mode.


Our system features A.I. Technology that knows if your phone language is set to English or Spanish.
When your Spanish speaking customer goes on their app they automatically see everything in Spanish...buttons, navigation, links, etc.
You then have the option to serve up offers in Both English and Spanish giving you the ability to tap into this growing market.

Think about it. Who do you think they will prefer to shop with, the same old stuff from every one else...OR
the business that wants to treat them special and cater to them like they matter?


The goal is to attract a customer to your business.
And what better way to do that than with a sleek, modern, simple system is is not only Elegant, it's Extremely Fast.
We've taken Google Maps and put it on Sterroids.

We make Google Maps work Outdoors OR Indoors.
And it will even tell What Floor you are on in a building. (See GooPLUS.)


You don't need to shell out a lot of management fees or development.
Our system is simple to understand and control.
You have total control of each GeoFence, Beacon, WiFi, etc., and you can resize, schedule, move around, your option.

World of Mobile

It's time for you stake your claim on the One Place your Customers and Prospects look at Every Day.

When Change as Needed

The simple interface means YOU have the power, not a Webmaster or developer.

How can GeoFencing work for YOU?

OK, you may be asking how it can work in your situation.
Here is a fun video that goes into a little more detail.

Play the video

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