Folks throughout the entire area are Upgrading their Phones.

This has the potential to Change your Business.

Consumers Resonate with our message, it puts Their Finger on the Pulse of what's going on around them in the Local Business Community.
It's Google Maps on Steroids.

We will Give you a Free GooMAPS™ Listing in our App. Find out below how valuable this will be for your business or organization and the link shows what your prospects and customers will see.

Innovative Technology For Your Business.
Get it for FREE.

Note the picture above...

Remember Google Nearby? We upgraded that technology and combined it with Google Maps to bring you this incredible tool to Upgrade any Smart Phone.

Map View: We'll put your Logo on the Map for Free and as customers drive around, your Logo will be right on the map as you come into view on their device.

Click to Navigate. As the customer is driving around or if they scroll the map, when they click on your logo the Turn-by-Turn directions activate with the Google voice. It navigates them directly to you in a user friendly and familiar format.
An exclusive feature of this system is they can drag the map to the area that shows your business and when they click on your logo the navigation kicks in and brings them to you, no matter where they are currently located. This can be a Tremendous supplement to your current advertising as folks will ALWAYS find you, even if all they have is a general idea of where you are located or if you are a few blocks off the main road, or even in a new area not yet registering on Google Maps.

If you choose to engage with the customers by taking a subscription, note the white box above "Angie's." That will be a quick explanation of what you are offering or what information you are pushing out to the consumer and they just click to take advantage of your offer, announcement, special, discount, whatever you want.
If they are in the bounderies of the GeoFence or in range of your Beacon, your offer or announcement will be automatic. They can click to see it if they are outside your GeoFence, or have it pop up automatically when they are in the venue as you according to the settings you have entered. 
This can be your customized screen with links to your announcement, website, video, coupon, special, etc.

This system can also work for organizations and even cities. Note the circle in the park. We highlighted it so show a GeoFence for a City (could also be a beacon) that pushes out a notification that Dogs are allowed off-leash from 10am to 6pm. (We highlighted the circle in blue to illustrate the radius they could choose, which is up to them.

Google Maps on Steroids

You can get it for Free

This is a Powerful, Free Listing that can bring New Customers right to your front door.
Stay free as long as you want.

Also works with GooPLUS™

Users merely switch the Indoor/Outdoor button to take advantage of the Indoor Maps and Location System.
They can find what they want inside their favorite facility, and it even knows what floor they are on.

(See that link on the Menu.)

Consumers Love It

They will be using the app for a number of purposes and your map listing will be one more way it will be of value to them because it will help them not only find YOU but many other businesses as they travel around.
It works because we use the established google API.

What's the Catch?

All we ask is that you print our flyer and promote it in your business.
And why wouldn't you? It is promoting your business all day, every day.

Folks down the street, across town and in other towns are doing the same thing which means one thing.
Prospects who have never seen or been in your business are seeing your information as they move around.
Now, for the first time, you have the opportunity to Reach Out to NEW FOLKS...for FREE.

Think about it.
Businesses all over, Even your Competitors, are promoting your business.

An Exclusive System that will bring you more Customers

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