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We have an entire website that will show you how to Do-it-Yourself.

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How to go LIVE

Best place to start,
From getting started to definitions.
We cover it all.

How-To Information


How to Create a Listing.
How to Create a GeoFence.
How to Move a GeoFence.


More information on this important section.

Next, join the Club.

Our "Club" site is in a dynamic state as we will be showing tips and tricks, what is working, what's not, etc. It's constantly being updated and will have archived information as well.

  • Visit the site, see what's new.
  • Join the club and get automatic emails and announcements.
  • You just send an email to an address and you are In.

The Club will include important tips

How often should you have your message go out?
Does message content matter?
Why is a Loyalty Club Important?
How do I get my customers to bring their friends?

This is just a sampling of what we cover.

Viral Growth

A CRITICAL ASPECT of any system like this is getting App Users to download the app.

It's the Proverbial Chicken or the Egg Scenario.
Businesses want to see lots of App Users.
App Users want to see lots of deals from Businesses.
Which comes First?

We achieve

Viral Growth

  • Because of how we begin in an area, Viral Growth begins almost immediately.
  • Once it's started, you can't hold it back even if you tried.
  • A big factor is we have just ONE APP for all businesses.

    Think about this. There are millions of apps out there, how many does the consumer actually download and use?

    Google actually thinks Apps are Dead!

The Competition

If you have looked at this industry before you have probably seen some of the drawbacks of most competitors. Quite frankly, no other company is even in our league.
The Competition



If you are a Non-Profit organization we give you a system for Free.
Think about it, push out your announcements as folks arrive or let them know what is going on today, or take a survey, etc.
You have all  the control.


The Next Level

We can even show you how to Really take your marketing efforts to the Next Level with our Smarter.Marketing system.

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