We have Loyalty listed first because it's Important.
How important?
Software Giant ORACLE has an opinion.

Customer Loyalty

  • Runs on Auto-Pilot, right on their phone, with A.I. Technology.
  • Bring your Best Customers Back More Often with Larger Ticket Sizes.
  • See which offers work the best.
  • Customers can now keep ALL their Loyalty Programs in One Place, with them all the time, and each program is automatically tracked by the system.
  • You have total control, set the award levels, type of campaign, even how the customer redeems.

Customer Acquisition/Retention

On Auto-Pilot

The Customer has Control

Our system is a Huge Hit with the customer because They have the Control.
We give them more control than ANY SYSTEM out there.

You Track the ROI.
With other Loyalty systems you just give stuff away.
What if you could track the effectiveness of a program?
What if you could tell which programs brought in more incremental sales?
Now, for the first time ever, you can track which loyalty programs are the most profitable and boost your business, and which are not worth doing again. 
And the System does this for you!

Multiple Systems

You are in control and can change up on the fly.

Most systems work only one way, either through their limited app, a Kiosk or a website.

We do Multiple:
Social - Beacon - Auto Check-in - Employee Stamp - Customer Stamp - QR Code
And our Beacon TapPhone system below...

We even have an option for 

Set your Beacon to greet them when they walk in the door or have it act as a Tap-to-Register device.
The cool thing, it recognizes them with a Personal Message addressing them by name.

Seen the new Pizza commercial that was released in March of 2020? 

This is just one of the several ways you can implement your Customer Rewards program because we give YOU the control to run it in a way that not only makes sense for your business, but more importantly makes sense for your Client base.

Customer Loyalty should be one of your Major Concerns.

If you missed the statistics in the first movie at the top of this page, you better go back and catch it again.

There is little you can do for your business that will have more effect than a properly implemented Customer Loyalty program.

But there-in also lies the Rub...Properly Implemented.
There are simply too many systems out there that don't work. Time to see what does.

Statistics From IBM

In addition to this graphic from IBM, as you saw on the top movie, "Clearly Customer Retention should be at the Top of your Mind from Day ONE of our Business."


Set it up with a Beacon so customers are recognized when they enter your business, or through your WiFi system, or Click, or QR code, or another beacon so they stamp on their own.

Validation Options

In addition to the multitude of different ways you can run your loyalty program, you even have options on how to validate, from you doing it or them doing it on their own.

Is your business In Trouble because of COVID?
Perhaps we can help.

We are offering a couple of ways to help, and one is  

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