In-app Mobile Payments

It's One of the fastest growing segments of the Mobile Industry, second only to GeoTargeting.

Folks want to find you, then just click to pay and get out of there without any hassle.

Right now, it's important because of 
Contactless Pay.

Have you considered Seamless and Touchless Pay?

Mobile Pay is Growing Worldwide

Mobile apps that support in-app payments are becoming more popular as mobile internet usage increases worldwide. They are fast, secure and a much more convenient way to pay. Brands like Starbucks or Zara allow their customers to pay for products through a mobile app with the tap of a button and now you can as well without spending Thousands of dollars like they had to do, or without being forced to create an expensive app.

The in-app payments volume is predicted to reach over $500 billion in 2020 in the USA alone. The reason is simple, they are simple transactions that are initiated by a customer to pay for a product or service with a mobile phone instead of using cash or card, and they are FASTER.

Adding a mobile payment technology to your business may be extremely valuable. Mobile payments not only enhance the customer checkout experience but allow you to forget about the hassle of cash and checks.

Is Mobile Pay catching on?

USA Today says Yes.

How it Works

Once a customer decides to pay for a product in the mobile app and they click a "Pay" button, it passes their information between the shop and the credit card company to process the payment. This process is protected with several layers of encryption making it impossible to hack, and it all happens almost instantly. Fast, Convenient, Safe and Seamless transactions are the main advantages of mobile payments.

It's Good for Business

Business Growth Usually Occurs

A report from The Business Times found that use of mobile wallets doubled the number and value of transactions after the system was introduced. It also gave a boost to customer acquisition.
A 2015 Accenture Consulting Report found that 23% of millennials make a mobile payment at a merchant at least weekly - it's no surprise that this number has increased since. According to one recent report nearly 2.1 billion consumers globally use a mobile device to make payments or transfer money - an increase of over 30 per cent from the end of 2017.

Good for Customers

Once the mobile payment integration is complete your payment process just works. You do not have to deal with cash or checks anymore.

Mobile contactless payments are the fastest way to pay taking only seconds. For businesses that have checkout lines, in-app payments are even more attractive as they can improve the checkout speed of the customer so folks spend much less time standing in line. This also translates to more sales for a business in a shorter amount of time.

We have our phones with us all the time so it just makes sense. With mobile payments, customers no longer need to go to a bank, use an ATM or issue a check. On top of that, having encrypted access to your card on your mobile phone is far more secure than all other traditional methods. Even if someone steals your phone they won't be able to access the encrypted information stored on it. China is one of the countries where people use mobile payments on a daily basis even for groceries, accounting for more than 60 per cent of the world's mobile payment users. Mobile payments are fast displacing cash as the preferred means of settling transactions in Many Countries.

In app mobile payments are already being used extensively in Europe and Asia and the growth curve is exponential. In China alone, the latest estimates are that over 60% of all consumer goods, even goceries, exchange hands with just a few clicks on an in app payment method.

Mobile payment systems have multiple layers of encryption making them an extremely secure way to pay. They’re far more secure than cash or card payments. If you are using a mobile payments app with fingerprint ID, it’s arguably more secure than chip card payment.

We can even integrate this into a loyalty program so someone can come in, purchase and pay, even click the loyalty program and do everything on their own. See below.

You get 

One of the biggest benefits of using a mobile payment option is the ability to integrate loyalty and incentive programs into the mobile payment app. Instead of customers having to keep up with punch cards, key ring tags or kiosks, all of their information is stored in the application and each time they make a purchase with their mobile device everything updates. This adds Value to the customer making them return more often, and because of the seamless way it works with so much convenience, oftentimes they will tell a friend or even bring them along.

Park Entrance


Special Attraction

Fair or Rodeo

Make entry to any event fast, secure and convenient.
Eliminate those long lines.
Make an Enjoyable Experience.

Is it becoming Mainstream?

More than likely you already have a banking app, most folks do.
But a banking app doesn't help you grow your business. Although convenient for the consumer, they do little for you. 
Below is an example of one for bill pay only.
Bottom line..if you want more sales AND an increase in ticket size, add in-app mobile pay.


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