Why not just SHOW it to businesses?

You are already using it to find Screaming Local Deals.
What if you could also MAKE MONEY?

Just walk into one of your favorite businesses and Show Them.
"Joe, you Gotta See This."

Just show it and let us know.
Let the system do the talking.
When they Jump onboard you get paid!

Share = Get Paid.

You don't sell, you don't convince.
You are already using it, just bounce from Google Maps to appSAVE and when you find a business you know that's not in appSAVE simply ask them why.

Just let us know.

You aren't selling anything, in fact we don't want you to even try. You just show them, and then send them to our link.  (
When they jump onboard and we receive their first months payment, we will cut you a check for $25.00. That's it, all you did was make an introduction by showing a tool you already love, and more than likely they will love, AND you made some money. They will begin with a 14-day free trial but to continue they purchase a subscription and then you get paid.

Note: Make sure you shoot me a personal message referencing who you are and the business name and location. I will tie that business to you and keep you informed of the developments.
Do this as many times as you like. 
(Very shortly after full launch of the final app, we will have the referral feature right in the app.)

> Dr. Mayer <

So Why do we look to involve others in our Growth?

It's simple. Ours is a Do-it-Yourself solution for the business owner and we are building a system that will do the selling, essentially do all the heavy listing.
But we need folks in local areas.

Watch Video.

If this industry makes sense to you and if you are interested in something a little more lucrative, we should talk.

Just show them the app and let it do the work.

We call this "Push Button Marketing."
You don't have to sell, but I'll bet you can push buttons.
Just save the app on your home screen and get started.