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Retargeting isn't just for bringing folks back who have purchased before. What if they visited the store but never purchased? 

OR, what if it's been awhile since their last visit?

What if you could reach out and bring them back?

And What if you could set this up to operate with A.I. Technology and run on Auto-Pilot?

On top of that, we give you MULTIPLE Ways to contact them, unlike others who only use one or two.

The shopping journey doesn’t always end with a store visit.

Also, not all store visits end in a Purchase, so why should your marketing efforts?
The appSAVE® Retargeting feature allows retail marketers to take advantage of in-store location signals to personalize post store visit marketing efforts. Whether you want to stimulate return visits to the store or increase loyalty through online engagement, appSAVE® makes it easy to tailor your online messages based on in-store behaviors and even near-store experiences.

Multiple Options

No matter what type of products you promote and sell, to keep customers coming back to your venue you have to build their loyalty and a push notification campaign can help you achieve this. From time to time you can send a campaign that thanks them for their visits, which adds a real value.
For example, a push notification campaign with a coupon, discount or exclusive offer. Besides going out of your way to thank your customers, you’re also giving them more reason to visit your venue and this will pay off in terms of both user retention and viral marketing.


ReEngage them when they come close with Beacons, GeoFences or even WiFi.

Push Notifications

Have a Push Notification ReEngage them if they are Out of your area, either a Loyalty Campaign, Reward, Special Announcement or Coupon. You control the timing of this offer.

Multiple Methods

Use WiFi, the Physical Web, Social, Email, Proximity Marketing, Eddystone Beacons...No Other system gives you as many options. Use One or All, your choice.

Not every prospect will have the app so why limit your exposure?

Time to think Out of the Box.
Time to open the floodgates on New Customers.

  • Offer them a Great In-Store Experience.
  • Give them an offer to get your special, join your V.I.P. Club, download the app, you control what happens.
  • In addition to the Social, GeoProximity, Beacon, WiFi, QR, NFC and other systems, we are the Only Company that literally lets you do it ALL.

Features & Benefits

Everything you need to re-engage your customers.

In-App Messages

Send any type of campaign to customers after they visited your venue.

Email Messages

Engage customers with automated and one-off emails.

Online Ads with Facebook Pixel and Google Ads

Retarget customers with online advertising based on their physical actions.

Campaign Scheduling

Schedule the time when your retargeting campaign should be delivered. We give you Multiple Ways to do this.

Audience Targeting

Segment your customers based on their age, gender and interests. Then analyze the results in real time.

Campaign Stats & Analytics

See views and measure if people take specific action in your venue.

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