Digital Signage

Soon you just might start seeing displays like this in strategic locations.

Imagine giving the passerby a personal message as they approach the sign, even if their phone is on standby and in their pocket or purse.

A Worlds First

A First from our Premier Partner. Imagine if you walked into the Sowroom of Tomorrow.
Well guess what, it's here now and you just may soon experience it.

The Showroom of tomorrow here now.

From our partners at Estimote.
The Leaders in Location Beacons.

Personalized Welcome when they Approach!

The results can be spectacular and it can be delivered even when their phone is in their pocket or purse.

  • Quick Set-up. Installation is seamless, just connect your Smart Display to the Internet and you are ready to go.
  • No Integration Cost. Why pay for integration or additional hardware when you have appSAVE®?
  • No Additional Hardware Needed. All you need is a display with Internet connection. That's it! Remember, our system works off Wi-Fi or Beacons.
    But you can add Estimote Stickers that are motion sensitive so a display pops up when they pick up an item or pull it off a rack.
  • Ease of Use. You don't need programming skills. Maintenance is extremely easy thanks to our simple to use CMS.
  • Personal Campaigns. Personalize digital signage campaign to make it even more engaging. "Welcome John...) People aren't used to seeing their name pop up on a TV screen and it DOES grab their attention.
  • Rich Multi-media Campaigns.  You can deliver rich-media proximity campaigns in minutes. Add text, images or videos to the templates.
  • Customer Analytics. Learn about your customers’ behavior and adjust your campaigns to provide them more personalized content.
  • Campaign Targeting (age, gender, interests.) Increase conversion by targeting campaigns by customers' demographics and preferences. When they see information tailored to their wants and needs, they are 80% more likely to pay attention.

Welcome (Their Name.) Check this out...

You customize the message in Real Time.

Scheduling feature also works.

Engage customers with personalized and contextual campaigns on any TV display based on user behavior. Doesn't require expensive hardware players. Compatible with Beacons, Wi-Fi, QR codes and Geofencing.

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