For the Golf Industry

If you operate a Golf Facility, we have some great news.

We'll give you some FREE Tools to take your marketing effort to the next level.

You heard right, FREE.

Social Sharing is a CRITICAL part of Marketing.
Because if done right, your business growth becomes VIRAL.

Understanding that, Shouldn't it be Easy and Convenient?
What if your customers pressed One Button and immediately they were Virally Marketing for you?

We make this part of growing your business nearly Automatic.

So Why is it so important?

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One Button VIRAL Marketing

They get your Great Offer, they Click and Share.
It's One Button to Send, Post or Share.

Make it Easy and they Do it.

News Flash, you DON'T Need all those "Experts" to do this for you.

Make it Fun and Easy and folks WILL tell others.
When you have a happy customer, what do you think the odds are that they will tell others? Make it Very Easy for them to do with One Button and it happens.

Your Great Deal

People Love getting great deals, and even better, they Love sharing with their friends when they find something they can believe in.

They Share

When they get your deal, they just click One button and it goes to where they want.


They get to decide how they share and to whom.
Make it easy and it's done.

Social Media is a Great Equalizer because it's Not dependent on a Budget.

Any company can get recognized thanks to viral campaigns, regardless of their brand awareness or marketing budget. It's the primary goal for every marketer.
When a user receives a well-designed campaign and they see Value to them, more than likely they will also see value to others so they CLICK the button to Share.
Your campaign just went Viral.

Viral Campaigns

Delivering a campaign is a great first step. Next is making the campaign viral to reach millions of people. With appSAVE® social sharing, you and your customers can share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Gmail, their contacts, friends, etc.


When your campaign is visually attractive and appealing, it gets shared.
One of the biggest things is when someone clicks on the offer it MUST appear nearly instantly.
In addition, a Call to Action button is always a good idea and appSAVE® makes all this happen in Real Time.

Emotional Touch

Viral campaigns always trigger emotions. They are often humorous, silly, but they can also be sentimental. As you plan the campaign, make sure there is an emotional touch. Informative campaigns can also go viral but they have to trigger emotions. Focus on people's hopes, dreams or sense of humor, and your campaign will be far more likely to go viral.

Be Wary of the so called "Social Media Experts."

There are plenty of them out there and most share one thing.
They want your money, and a LOT of it.

Social is Huge

Yes, it's big and sales organizations bait you in with movies like the one just below. 
But Social can also bite you if it's not done right because remember, folks can also RATE you on social.

Watch the movie.

A Recommendation

If you have a lot of time but not a large budget, there is one company we do recommend. They are pretty much the leaders in the industry and most of those so called "Experts" use their systems and then turn around and charge you a fee. 
The cool part, HootSuite University can train you in the fine points.

One Expert we Recommend

We mentioned on several occasions that most companies in this space don't know what they are doing.

There is, however, one who does. Jason is the Only Person we recommend. He is an expert and in fact the Membership Director for one of Utah's Premier Chambers of Commerce.
He Teaches It!

Reviews Count

Reviews are important and many folks will first check them out before deciding on a service.
We make it easy for owners to ask for reviews, and in addition, we do it in a way that is Positive and Looks Great.
Just asking for a review usually isn't enough but asking someone to click on an attractive template does the trick.

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