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As grim as this may sound, it may yet take some time to realize the full effect of the devastating shutdown of our economy. But one thing I know, we will bounce back, we always do. So if there is anything I can do to help, I'm already doing it and if I see more I can do, I will.
Dr. Rick Mayer, appSAVE®

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Folks, I know it's Tough.

And it just might get tougher before it gets better.
We have had some Famous People give us advice in the past.
So right now I'd like you to Listen to that advice, and I mean LISTEN.

I am Here if you need me.

I am in a unique position to open the resources of my companies to help.

Let's Start Planning

Let's Start Doing

Let's Succeed Together.

If you wish to survive in this 21st Century of Marketing you better get in the game!

There is still some informaiton you haven't seen. The Smarter.Marketing division of appSAVE® has one goal, to get you marketing Smarter, NOT more expensively.

How important is this? Here is the list of Projected Store Closings to be finished in 2020 as published in the Wall Street Journal.
And this was BEFORE the Coronavirus Shutdown!

* Sears and Kmart - 78 stores
* Chipotle - 65 stores
* Toys R Us - 735 stores
* Starbucks - 150 stores
* H&R Block - 400 locations
* J.C. Penny - 140 stores
* Shopco - 212 stores
* Maceys - 100 stores
* Lord & Taylor - 10 stores
* Fresh Market - 15 stores
* Kroger - 14 stores
* Ascena Retail Group (Lane Bryant, Ann Taylor, Loft and Dress Barn) closing 667 stores.

And folks, this list doesn't even come close to representing the 1,000's of small businesses that will end this year.

It's time you became Pro-Active. Let's talk.


The Scammers have already stated.
There are several Google Partner scams, several a Debt Relief scams, several 'Your Website needs Work' scams, and all the IRS and Social Security scams are adapting to the current situation.

Rules of Thumb:
Never give any information to Anyone who calls or emails you.

No Organization, not Google, the IRS, the SBA, the National Chamber of Commerce, etc., will contact you.

And most importantly, NEVER pay any money to anyone who calls or emails you, no mater what they promise.