Text Message Marketing

Still trying to do Text Marketing from your phone?
Tried one of those Expensive Online Systems?
Tired of paying 4 to 5 Cents per Text?

You've probably been contacted by a company with their "Better" Text Marketing platform.
There are 100's of them because it's Very Profitable for them when they charge by the message.

If you have lots of folks on your list it gets  VERY Exensive VERY Quickly. 
Sooner or later every business quits because the Return on Investment is Terrible.

Ready for a Better System?

A Better Way

AFFORDABLE Text Message Marketing

Use your Phones Plan from your Computer

Most of us have an Unlimited Talk and Text plan on our phone. mySMS uses the Texing plan on your phone to send texts from your computer.
This means you can now text 100's if not 1,000's for FREE.
(Click here or on the Logo above for their website.) 


Business Texting is Affordable again.
Prior to this system it just simply wasn't feasable to start a texting campaign. Besides the cost, it was quite difficult to manage.

Full Feature List

We invite you to go to their website and check out all the features.
There are many but we'll highlight a few just a few below.

Send and Receive messages via. all your connected devices

  • Premium Features are just $10 a Year!
  • Send and reply to individuals or groups.
  • Schedule individual or group messages for a later time.
  • Sync your different devices, Phone - PC - Tablet.
  • Sync to another phone with mysms mirror.
  • Archive texts in Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive.
  • Easy to fully export your SMS inbox.
  • Access full message history at any time.
  • Send and interact with na Unlimited # of other mySMS users, OR use your phones plan. No billing by mySMS.
  • Premium service is ad free, sends messages without the "via mysms.com" tab.
  • Full customer support within 24 hours.

NOTE: We have no monitary relationship of any kind with mySMS. We show you this because it's simply a Great System.

Here are a few more features we really like.
Say you are an 8th grade teacher. Create a group for your parents and you can then send out a group message, then interact individually with each.
Same if you are the Principal. Create a group of all your teachers, another for Maintenance, etc. Send group or individual messages and interact with them.

MMS group chat
Compose a new message and add multiple recipients in the contact field. Make sure that the send button shows “MMS” to start an MMS group chat. Your messages and also the replies of the recipients will be shown in one conversation. 

mySMS group chat 
You can add up to 50 mysms friends to your group. 
Open the contact list in any of the mysms apps. There you’ll find an icon to create a group. Find an appropriate name and invite your friends. Now you can start a group chat. 
Or start a new message and add multiple recipients.

The scheduling feature
 This feature will be available in all mysms apps (currently supported in: mysms for Android phone, Web App).
  • To send a message at any time in the feature, either start a new message or open an existing thread.
  • First enter your message text as you are used to. Then tap on the clock icon which indicates the scheduling feature.
  • On the next screen please select your preferred date and time for this message. Confirming these settings (check mark) will bring you back to the message view with an active scheduling icon either on or next to the send button (depending on the app).
  • Tap on the send button to schedule your message – the status of the message will now show your chosen date and time.
It is not possible to edit this message or the timestamp. If you want to schedule the message at another time you delete the scheduled message and create a new one.
This feature is only available for mysms Premium users.


So cool we made the decision NOT to incorporate a full-fledged SMS feature into our app. Frankly, this one is hard to beat.

My advice, go to the site and grab a system. You can even stay Free if you like but why wouldn't you take the Premium, it's just $10 a Year? 

NOTE: We have no monetary arrangement of any kind with mySMS. We just refer folks because it's so cool.

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