Mobile has been absolutly Transformative for Retail.

People now spend over 3 hours a day on their Mobile Device, which is actually more than they spend watching television.
So as a retailer when you consider what is the best way to reach your target shopper, it starts with the device they are spending the most time on and that happens to be the Mobile One.

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Target Marketing

Schedule Campaigns and Target Users.

  • Push personalized greetings to new customers that walk into a venue or send them interesting first-time offers. 
  • Provide value-added services such as Loyalty Programs, shop promotions and food specials for people in front of your shop.
  • Retarget Customers, (next section.)
  • Our level of Personalized Marketing is unmatched anywhere else and your options are many.

Do Geo-Targeted Ads Really Work?

Deliver Campaigns WITHOUT an App.

Sometimes when you first have folks in your location they may not have the app.
Not a problem, our system allows you to still deliver your campaign to them in several ways, including WiFi, and you can also have them just Click or Scan to get your App.

Personalization & Targeting

In the initial registration and sign-on process we ask some optional questions. Even if users decide not to fill in the optional information it doesn't take long before they come back and complete their profile because they begin to realize the App can send them information based upon their Wants, Needs, Habits and Preferred Choices.

How we Personalize

The system recognizes them, gives them a personalized greeting and it always keeps the engagement relevant to the preferences of the user.

Increase conversion by targeting people by their age, gender or interests. Choose what times of each day your campaigns should be delivered.

Users Control

Business owners have many options for how they send the messages and offers to prospects or customers, but app users also have options.
They have the control over what they see and how.
This control is a feature they REALLY like and because of this, they come back to the app again and again.

In addition, all their offers are Personalized to them including their name. The system recognizes them by name when they are near your offer.

And when they click on your offer the system even gives them a map view with turn by turn directions so we can get them to your business.

Schedule Delivery

Delivering your campaigns to certain customer segments is just as important as targeting by location. You can deliver personalized and relevant campaigns to your customers based on day of the week, time and customer attributes like sex or age.
You are also able to decide exactly when you would not like your campaigns to be delivered to people. With this you are able to only show your campaigns when you expect the best performance.

This is a very powerful feature that allows you to use one spot (beacon, WiFi, Geofence, QR code) to deliver "breakfast special" campaign in the morning and "lunch special" later during the day. A single spot can also be used to target women and men separately and deliver two different campaigns for them at the same time.

You can drill down as precise as you need to get your offer, promotion or announcement to who you need, when it's most appropriate.

Information about user profiles is collected in the mobile app and displayed in App Users & Analytics page in the CMS.

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