This system will use MyWayfind™ to let folks find where they are and where they need to go, virtually.

As you saw on the GooPLUS™ - MyWayfind™ link, it will let folks do a Lot.

USU is the first project, followed by WSU, UofU and BYU.

Exclusive and Affordable

Welcome to the Future of Location Based Marketing

  • We fill the void by allowing folks to see exactly where they are on a map relative to the overall area or campus.
  • They easily see where to go and the map follows them as they move so their location is always Spot On.

Reason for Indoor Location & Maps

They are a must have in shopping malls, airports, hospitals, expo centers or factories, and needed in many other venues like universities, cities, fairs, etc. 

The appSAVE® MyWayfind™ system opens up a whole new way to treat customers, prospects and visitors special.

You might soon be seeing this in your Museum, Store, Mall, Zoo, Convention, Strip Mall, Downtown Alliance, Local Park, Rodeo, Flea Market, etc. 
Our preferred Partner is Estimote because they work with appSAVE® on ANY DEVICE including Phones, Tablets and even Watches. That means iThing, AndroidThing, AnyThing.
But a very unique feature of appSAVE® is we also work with nearly Every beacon manufacturer and a GeoFence.

Play the video. This can be any event.

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