COVID has Hurt us All.
But help is Here.

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Throughout our history, when we get knocked down we always get up and come back stronger than ever.
The COVID nightmare will be no different.

But One Thing is Certain, things have changed.

Touchless is the New Norm.

We aren't stopping there. Because of some Excellent Supporters, we have more.
If your business is suffering, we have some help. 

GeoTargeted Proximity Marketing.

Are you still clinging to that Expensive 100+ year old technology like Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Radio or TV?

Do you realize 8 of the countries top 10 publishing companies are in serious financial trouble! 

Folks are leaving them but where are they going?

You already know the answer, just look around. 
What are all of your Prospects and Customers doing Right Now?
Engaging someone on their Smart Phones, Probably Not You.

A Quick Summary

Your Customers will engage differently.

The Rules have Changed

Your Customers have already joined the Digital Age.

Have YOU?

Watch this Video.

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We Make SmartPhones SMARTER.
1000's of local prospects are already downloading our app because of this feature and Several others.

Finally a way for the Small to Medium sized business to not only compete with but KICK BUTT over the big box stores.

You might want to visit this link. It's also on the GooMAPS link above and there's a movie you need to see. 
Traditional Advertising no longer works.

The Art of

Direct Customer Engagement on the mobile device gives us an Incredible Opportunity to Market to customers without them even realizing they are being marketed to!

When you do it Right, it becomes a Partnership between you and the prospect. You guide them along, helping them when they most want help.
It's truly a Win/Win Partnership.

The Art of Marketing Without Marketing

"My Customers won't use something they Don't Like."

We totally agre.
This summary is on the consumer Introduction link and here it is again.

Want a Real World Example?

The technology is only getting better.
It will soon come down to you being Conspicuous by your Absence.

Folks, it's the 21st Century.
Don't you think it's time?

Play the video

Let's face it, businesses across the country are dropping like flies, even major chains.

There are some factors that a great many of them share:

  • They failed to recognize the importance of the Mobile Device.
  • They didn't effectively incorporate Location Based Marketing.
  • They underestimated the critical nature of Touchless Marketing.
The consumer of today is more in tune with current trends than ever before and if you want to appeal to them, you need to stay ahead of those trends.

They DO NOT want to be bombarded with ads, they want to see information and ads that are PERTINENT to them, WHERE they are, and only WHEN it's appropriate.

We will show you Several Aspects of the Mobile Engagement World.

We are the ONLY company in this space that covers all the aspects of your business, from Customer Acquisition to Retention, and we do it with Exclusive Tools and Systems.

Smarter Solutions

Smarter Geofencing
Smarter Beacons
Smarter S.E.O.
Smarter Wi-Fi
Smarter Social
Smarter Mobile Web
Customer Driven Viral Growth

Know the Rules

We Understand the Google Rules of Engagement and their critical implications for your business. 

This is one area you need to understand as it could very well determine the future of your business. 


We know what consumers want and have solved the issues of customer downloads.

Our many exclusive features make for a very unique shopping experience and our app downloads are going Viral.



When it comes to Customers, you need 

Perhaps you have looked at GeoTargeting technology before only to find it too expensive. Companies like Propellant Media do a Ton of advertising, and they can afford it because most want an annual contract that Starts at $10,000 a year.

Well hold onto your hats, you are in for a treat.
Our system blows the doors off anything out there and does so at a Fraction of their price.

You can now engage your entire customer base for a full month for less than two days of a classified ad in your local newspaper! 

In fact, as you browse this site you'll see that we even have many tools and systems that are FREE.

Special thanks to the following organizations who are helping to make this possible.

Whenever you are thinking of supporting an organization or making a purchase, we ask that you consider these fine folks. They had your back when you needed it, REMEMBER.

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