Providing customers with free internet access is a must. If a restaurant, shop or hotel doesn’t offer free internet access, it will start losing customers to another venue that does. Businesses risk not only losing customers but also the powerful marketing opportunities that WiFi offers.

Our Smarter WiFi system gives you another option to engage with your prospects and customers.
And the cool part, there's no need for those expensive monthly fee systems you may be familiar with, just link to your current WiFi.

Offering Free Wifi Used to Suck.
No More!

The Cool Part

You just set up a free guest network using your WiFi system and when they are in range, they sign in.
Your promotions and messages hit their phone even if they don't have the App loaded.

The power of this feature over those other systems that want to sell your the router and and charge you a monthly fee for a worthless back office system is you can send prospects a link to download the app, join your Loyalty Program, take advantage of your current special deal or open up any of our other features.

And just like any of our other systems, be they GeoFencing, Beacons or Push Notifications, you have Total Control over what they see.

Save Money

No Extra Hardware.
You use your own system. No extra fees for those Routers or other devices the other guys have on top of their software programs and monthly fees.

You Control

Have a message greet them By Name, another when they have been there for awhile, and another when they leave, "Come back soon."

Capture Info.

As they are using your WiFi you are capturing their demographics for future advertising, including GeoTargeted Messages.

Unlimited Options

Send rich text, simple text, link to your website, links to a video, a coupon, whatever you want, and you can Change it up in Real Time.

Q & A

WiFi signals are much stronger than those from beacons and therefore can cover larger areas, both indoor and outdoor. The pros of creating a WiFi marketing campaign are you do not need to invest in any new hardware as most of retailers already have a router at their venue and you don't need to worry about a short battery life as each router is always plugged into a socket.

WiFi and beacons are similar to each other - WiFi routers and beacons send radio signals that are detected by a mobile device to locate or deliver a proximity campaign. There are however important differences. A Beacon device is significantly cheaper (from $15 ea.) than a WiFi router. On the other hand, most venues (shops, offices, malls) already have at least one WiFi router so there is usually no setup cost involved.

The main difference between WiFi and geofencing is that WiFi uses radio signals to communicate with a smartphone whereas geofencing uses GPS signals. GPS can have more of an impact on the battery life of your customer’s mobile device as it requires satellites and cell phone towers in order to pinpoint exact location. Geofencing does not work indoors and usually works better for proximity marketing outdoors.

The main difference between WiFi and NFC is that NFC does not require a battery to operate. NFC tags are also significantly cheaper than WiFi routers but provide limited information about customer behavior and work only when tapped.

> Number of Visitors
> Number of New Visitors
> Number of Returning Visitors
> How many times a campaign has been viewed
> Conversion
> Visitor Dwell Time
> Visitor Gender
> and more...

WiFi is a perfect solution if you have a venue with an active WiFi network and you do not want to spend money on new hardware - your router is the only device you need.
Taking into account the signal strength, WiFi is more reliable than the signal provided by beacons but you won't be able to achieve a similar level of precision as WiFi networks usually cover large areas whereas beacon campaigns can have precision to inches. 

WiFi marketing is also useful if you want to make sure that people will have bluetooth turned on to receive beacon proximity campaigns in your venue. You can simply create a WiFi campaign that triggers a notification reminder "Turn on Bluetooth to receive more special offers". This significantly increases conversion rates for beacon campaigns.

WiFi, Geofence and Beacons complement each other, so it is recommended to use a variation of them at the same time.

> WiFi marketing has a great price/value factor compared with other technologies.
> Extremely easy to use and implement.
> WiFi marketing has multiple applications (engagement, customer analysis, etc.)
> Better understand customers by collecting customer behavior data.
> Enables re-targeting customers after they walk away.
> Improves customer experience - almost 62% of businesses that provide WiFi report that their customers stay longer.

On iOS the customer has to be actively connected to a WiFi network whereas on Android, WiFi only needs to be enabled on a mobile device.
Although WiFi signals are really strong, using several WiFi routers for indoor location is not recommended due to high price of the device.

Once you have a WiFi Router with a network connection, go to Wifi Setup.
That information if fairly straightforward but if you have problems, contact us.

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