Make your Smart Phone

> Find the best Local Deals on Auto-Pilot
> Save Money
> Save Time
> Upgrade your MAP View
> Help Save a Local Businesses
> Find your way Indoors with MyWayfind™
> Navigate Within a Store or Event
> Items you Approach Explain Themselves To You
> Instant Information on a Business

You are truly in for a Treat, a Whole New Shopping Experience.

Here's a Preview

SAVE a Local Small Business

c/net says

"The Next Big Thing."

It Gives YOU the Control

How cool would it be to take back the control and see Only the ads YOU want, When and Where you want them?

Stop that annoying BLAST of ads from everyone, all the time, from places clear across town or even the next town.

Then when you find something you like, you can engage with that merchant on YOUR Terms.

Get alerted to Deals that are Close.

You control What you see and When you see it.

Choose by Category and by Area.

Turn the Do-not-Disturb on or off.

The system runs in a "Battery Safe" mode.

As you move around, it only shows deals from the area you are currently in, deals that are close. 

The usual bombardment of ads is GONE.

Or How about This?

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"The Last thing I need is another worthless App."

We totally agree and in fact we'll go one further.

It MUST be something you not only like, but something with True Value.
Something that once you understand it, you can't be without it!

Want a Real World Example?

The technology is only getting better.
It will soon come down to you being Conspicuous by your Absence.

Folks, it's the 21st Century.
Don't you think it's time?

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Any consumer needs to know there is REAL VALUE in any app they download.
Their questions is, "I have enough apps, why would I download Another One?"

Special thanks to the following organizations who are helping to make this possible.

Whenever you are thinking of supporting an organization or making a purchase, we ask that you consider these fine folks. They had your back when you needed it, REMEMBER.

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